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grapevineQUEST Scavenger hunt – How it works

To arrange a super fun app scavenger hunt couldn’t be easier:

1. Make you choice of a ready made scavenger hunt

  • Choose your scavenger hunt – for kids, teens, adults, indoors, outdoors, at home, in the office, at school, in the nature or in the City. Lot’s of options avalible!
  • Choose language – seven different languages avaliable.
  • Choose how many teams you want, 1-5 teams or 6-10 teams.

2. Delivery

  • After ordering, you will directly receive an email with a link to your organizer site and guides in PDF format.

3. Set it up

  • On your organizer site, you decide team names, adjust the game time if necessary, and receive a QR code to start each team.

4. Prepare

  • All participating teams need one phone per team with the grapevineQUEST app downloaded.

5. Play!

  • The teams scan their QR code with the app, and everything starts!
  • The teams choose missions and submit photos and videos.
  • The game leader views the teams’ submitted contributions on their organizer site and approves or disapproves of the missions.
  • If the game leader disapproves of a mission, they can also write a comment.
  • In the app, the teams’ time counts down, and the points tally up as the missions are approved.
  • On their organizer site, the game leader sees each team’s time, the number of completed missions, and points.

6. Declare a winner

  • The team with the most points when the time runs out wins!

7. Enjoy all the fun – again!

If you want, you can download all team’s photos and videos and, for example, create a fun slideshow to relive all the enjoyable moments together!