scavanger hunt in german

Ready made scavenger hunts in 7 different languages

One of the best things about the grapevineQUEST scavenger hunts are that they are already created for you including all the fun missions! It is not a technical platform where you need to create the scavenger hunt yourself. Sometimes it is fun to make your own but when you are short of times or ideas – a grapevine scavenger hunt is the way to go. Almost no preparations at all are needed! But as it already professional prepared you may also need it in a specific languge.

The grapevineQUEST scavenger hunts are one of many ways that we like to offer entertainment to all! We make treasure hunts for kids, escape games, murder mysteries, mobile treasure hunts and much more, that are available on several markets, in local language.

Scavenger hunts in 7 languages

Here on this site you find all our grapevineQUEST scavenger hunts. They are currently available for purchase in seven different lanugauges, you choose your language when ordering. If you want to read the product descripiton of the app scavenger hunts in a local language or pay in a local currency, visit or local websites where you are also most welcome to explore our other concepts!