Scavenger Hunt with 100 missions – on your mobile!

A scavenger hunt is an activity that is as fun as it is easy! A scavenger hunt is suitable for a variety of contexts and participants of all ages!

A scavenger hunt typically consists of various missions that teams need to solve, earning different points based on difficulty level. It can range from a few missions to ones lasting several days. The missions in a scavenger hunt should, of course, be tailored to the participants, the location, and the duration of the activity.

If you have a paper-based scavenger hunt, you’ll need a supervisor, or sometimes one per team, to check correctly completed missions. Another fun way to organize a scavenger hunt is to create a photo scavenger hunt where teams submit evidence of completed missions using their mobile phones.

Ready-made scavenger hunts on the phone

For an incredibly easy and super fun scavenger hunt, you can use Grapevine’s ready-made scavenger hunts with the grapevineQUEST app on your mobile. In this case, participating teams use the app to receive a variety of ready-made missions, which they then complete by taking a picture or making a video. Up to ten teams can compete against each other. The game leader acts as the sole judge and approves or disapproves missions on a simple organizer’s website where you can see all the submitted photos and videos. The app keeps track of time and points!

Almost no preparations are needed. You choose the scavenger hunt you want to do, which comes in various themes suitable for different purposes and locations. Then, you come up with team names. Participants download the app on one phone per team. The scavenger hunt starts by scanning a QR code with the app, and the fun begins! After completing the scavenger hunt, if desired, you can also download all the pictures and videos – watching all the quirky missions and creative solutions can be a really fun way to end the activity!

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10 fun ways to use a scavenger hunt!

1. Scavenger hunt for team building

Scavenger hunts are perfect team-building activities! Teams must collaborate to solve missions and strategize to determine which missions to complete for the maximum number of points in a limited time.

In the scavenger hunt The Team Challenge there are 100 missions that create a fantastic team-building activity. Teams take photos and make videos of everything from simple tasks to more abstract challenges, documenting their journey. The Team Challange is designed to work virtually anywhere and works well in the office or school, suitable for both adults and slightly older children and teenagers. If you want a quick, easy, and fun team-building activity at the office or during a conference, this scavenger hunt is perfect. The missions are fun, require a lot of creativity and ingenuity – and above all, teamwork!

office scavanger hunt

2. Scavenger hunt in the city

A scavenger hunt where teams move around the city, find things, and need to ask other people for help is a lot of fun! The scavenger hunt The City Challenge can be done in any city (or part of the city) at any time and for as long as you want (game time can vary between 30-90 minutes). This is a perfect activity when you want something fun, challenging, fast-paced, and easy to organize! You can have that super fun experience with teams running around the city – but without being tied to a specific time and place or hiring an event company. With grapevineQUEST, you can do it yourself – and at a very reasonable cost!

This is perfect for team-building for all types of groups but also just for having fun! The 100 fun missions in The City Challenge are suitable for adults and young people playing in an urban environment. Finish with dinner or a drink and watch all the fun photos and videos together!

3. Scavenger hunt outdoors in the forest or park

Nature is a constant source of inspiration, and there’s plenty of space to play! The Outdoor Challenge is a scavenger hunt designed for outdoor activities. The missions involve finding things in nature and creating fun pictures and videos with nature – and the team – as helpers! The Outdoor Challenge has 100 missions – some involve finding things in nature, others require the team to create or do something and document it. It requires collaboration, teamwork, creativity, a bit of nature knowledge, and sometimes thinking outside the box. It’s equally suitable as a team-building activity and a super fun activity on a forest outing or as an activity at a party. The Ouitdoor Challenge suits everyone – from children who can read and up.

4. Scavenger hunt for younger children

The Kid’s Challenge includes 50 slightly simpler missions for children who have just learned to read. The missions are concise and less complex, but here too, participants must find and do things, think, and be creative. This scavenger hunt is equally suitable for parties as it is for team-building in a club or even in school – you need to keep track of letters, colors, and numbers in a fun way! And as always in a scavenger hunt, teamwork is put to the test – a perfect team-building activity for younger children!

scavanger hunt for kids

5. Scavenger hunt at the party

Why not kick off the party with a fun scavenger hunt? It’s a super nice way for people to get to know each other and a fun and perhaps a bit new and different adult game. Or maybe different generations competing against each other at a family gathering. In a photo scavenger hunt, children and young people often have an advantage over the older ones when it comes to creativity and inventiveness, rather than knowledge and experience! Choose a scavenger hunt based on the environment – do you want to go out in the city or nature, or do you just want to stay at home? The 100 missions in The Team Challenge work perfectly at home!

6. Scavenger hunt for bachelor and bachelorette parties

Doing various missions in the city is often part of a bachelorette or bachelor party. With The City Challenge you can take this to a new and slightly more professional level. Divide the group into teams and have fun – perhaps on the way from one activity to another. Watching photos and videos together becomes a fun activity for the evening!

7. Scavenger hunt for the Christmas party

Maximize the Christmas feeling and offer a really fun activity at the Christmas party or maybe at home for the whole family during the Christmas holidays! In The Christmas Challenge there are 100 really fun, challenging, and festive missions. Perfect if you want a lively activity at the office Christmas party, in the club, or at home! All that’s required is a bit of Christmas decoration and holiday spirit. Strategic thinking, teamwork, creativity, and the ability to freely associate around the Christmas theme are needed!

8. Indoor scavenger hunt

You don’t need a lot of space to organize a scavenger hunt; it works well indoors. The Team Challenge and The Kid’s Challenge for example, don’t require a lot of space or extra items. What you have at home, in the office, or perhaps in the classroom works just fine.

9. Scavenger Hunt for Many

Scavenger hunts with grapevineQUEST can be created for 1-10 teams. When ordering your scavenger hunt, you choose whether you want a scavenger hunt for 1-5 teams or for 6-10 teams. You can then adjust the team size based on how many participants there are; a good team size is 3-6 people, but you can, of course, have a few more. The limitation is not in the number of participants but in the number of teams the game leader can manage because when all teams start and submit missions, it becomes quite a task! If there are many teams, two game leaders can collaborate to approve missions – they are sure to have fun!

If you want even more teams, you can, of course, run multiple scavenger hunts simultaneously, with one or two game leaders per scavenger hunt. The teams’ time is always counted down in the app, so the teams have exactly the same amount of time even if they don’t start exactly simultaneously. And finally, each team gets a final score – if you run multiple instances of the same scavenger hunt in parallel, you can compare all teams’ final scores and declare a winner!

10. Scavenger Hunt at Children’s Parties

A scavenger hunt is a super fun children’s party game! Younger children can take on the missions in The Kid’s Challenge while slightly older children who read well are ready for The Team Challenge! If the party is outdoors, in the forest, or in the park, The Outdoor Challenge is perfect!

As the game leader, you can adjust the duration of the scavenger hunts to fit the party’s other schedules. For younger children, you probably want a slightly shorter activity so that they can maintain focus all the way to the end, while older children may want more time to enjoy as much fun as possible! A really great point with a scavenger hunt with grapevineQUEST is that children get to play with their favorite gadget – the mobile phone! And something they’ve been skilled at since a young age is taking pictures and making videos. The game is not only fun but can create fantastic memories – save pictures and videos!

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