Scavenger hunt: The City Challenge


Price per event with the specified number of Teams – for as many people as you want!

Embark on an exhilarating adventure with our City Challenge – a super entertaining and effortlessly engaging scavenger hunt that’s perfect for team-building or just a fantastic time! In this urban scavenger hunt, set in the heart of the city, the teams rely on the surroundings and individuals encountered to maximize points within a limited timeframe. Challenges are tackled by capturing photos and videos, harnessing the city’s dynamic environment to their advantage. This scavenger hunt has 100 fun and varied photo and video missions. It all happens in our app, grapevineQUEST. The game leader approves or disapproves of the missions on a simple organizer site. The app tracks time and points! Creative and fun – for youth and adults or everyone together!

The City Challenge is a super fun, creative, and a bit challenging scavenger hunt that requires thinking outside the box and interacting with others, asking for their help. It is suitable for youth, adults or everyone together!

The game is played in our app grapevineQUEST. In the app, participants receive 100 easier and more challenging photo and video missions. They are supposed to depict what is described in the mission in a photo or video. Some things are concrete, like “A shop window with three red items” or “A blue car,” while others are abstract, like “Something upside down.” Missions can also be in the form of a riddle or something to do or portray, such as “Two team members in a shopping cart” or “The whole team crosses a pedestrian crossing in a line.” In The City Challenge, you also need help from other people to complete many missions, such as “A tourist with a bag telling what’s best about your city,” “The whole team sings the song ‘A bus driver for a happy bus driver,'” or “A team member asking a stranger for directions to London, in English, and getting a serious answer.” Some missions are easy, others considerably trickier, approved missions earn 10, 30, or 50 points.

This is a perfect team-building activity for youth and adults – it’s simple – and a lot of fun! Participants must collaborate in the team and use a lot of inventiveness and creativity – it’s about both thinking and being quick! In The City Challenge, there are a total of 100 mixed missions. The goal is not for the teams to complete all of them, but the scavenger hunt is also about being strategic, choosing the missions that can be completed most easily and quickly in relation to the points they provide. Time is limited. We recommend a playtime of up to 90 minutes – as the game involves moving around the city and convincing a few strangers to help! But as the game leader, you can also set a different time for the game according to your preferences. The time can vary between 30 – 90 minutes.

In the The City Challenge, it’s all about teamwork. Prioritize the missions together, brainstorm, and come up with creative solutions, and for many missions, the whole team or different constellations of team members are needed. A good team size is 4-8 people.

The City Challenge needs to be done in a city center with shops, streets, squares, signs, and passersby who may be willing to help. Some missions become easier or harder to solve depending on the conditions – but nothing is impossible! If a mission initially seems challenging, it’s about unleashing creativity and thinking outside the box. There are no right or wrong answers – the game leader decides and is recommended to reward the really fun and unique solutions! The game leader is the absolute judge – and will undoubtedly have a lot of fun!

After the game ends, if desired, each team’s photos and videos can be exported. It can be fun, for example, to create a slideshow for everyone to watch together!

  • WHAT? 100 missions to solve in an urban environment.
  • FOR WHOM? Teenagers and adults – or everyone together! Equally enjoyable regardless of age.
  • WHERE? In a city center.
  • HOW? The only thing needed is the app on one phone per team – and a cheerful mood!
  • TIME? Recommended playtime of 90 minutes (can be varied between 30-90 minutes).

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