Scavenger hunt: The Team Challenge


Price per event with the specified number of Teams – for as many people as you want!

Get ready for an exhilarating adventure with our exciting Scavenger Hunt – the ultimate team-building experience or just a fantastic way to have a blast! In our app grapevineQUEST, participants receive 100 varied missions to solve by submitting a photo or video of the described task. The game leader approves or disapproves the missions on a simple organizer site, all while the app tallies time and awards points! It’s a creative, whimsical, and enjoyable experience for kids, adults, or everyone together!

The perfect scavenger hunt for team building – or just to have fun! Dive into the world of a thrilling, creative, and slightly quirky scavenger hunt that encourages thinking beyond the norm. It’s a perfect fit for all ages – from reading-savvy children (around 9-10 years old), teenagers, adults, to an all-inclusive group!

The game is played in our app grapevineQUEST.  The app propels participants into 100 missions of varying difficulty. Concrete challenges like “Three yellow things” or “Something edible” are mixed with abstract ones like “Something that hurts” or “Something sticky.” Missions might even be riddles or actions to perform, such as “A person with six arms,” “A human pyramid with at least three levels,” or “Craft a paper plane and show it soaring 10 meters.” Some missions are a breeze, others are head-scratchers, with approved missions racking up 10, 30, or 50 points.

This is a really fun game and perfect for team building activities of all kinds! Team members must collaborate, unleashing their inventiveness and creativity – a perfect blend of quick thinking and strategic planning! In The Team Challenge there are a whopping 100 mixed missions. The goal isn’t to conquer them all; it’s about being strategic, choosing missions for maximum points, and completing them swiftly. With a recommended playtime of at least 60 minutes (but hey, you can customize it!), there’s plenty of room for laughter and excitement.

It’s all about teamwork in The Team Challenge. Teams prioritize, brainstorm, and devise creative solutions. Some missions demand the entire team or unique combinations of members. An ideal team size? 4-8 people.

The Team Challenge can unfold anywhere, indoors or outdoors, offering a dynamic experience. Conditions may spice up or tone down the difficulty, but guess what? Nothing’s impossible! A seemingly tricky mission? Unleash your creativity and think outside the box. There are no wrong answers – the game leader reigns supreme, rewarding the most entertaining and innovative solutions! And trust us, the game leader is in for a fantastic time!

Post-game, take it a step further – export each team’s pictures and videos. Imagine creating a lively slideshow for everyone to enjoy together!

The only props that may be useful are some (drawing) paper and pens.

Get ready for a great team building experience with The Team Challenge!

  • WHAT? 100 missions for enjoyable team building and collaboration.
  • FOR WHOM? Children who can read, teenagers, adults – or everyone together! Equally fun regardless of age.
  • WHERE? Anywhere! Preferably both indoors and a bit outdoors.
  • HOW? With the app and possibly some drawing paper and pens.
  • TIME? Recommended playtime of 60 minutes (can be varied between 30-90 minutes).

Customer Reviews

Verified ownerVerified owner

So much fun and appreciated! There were about 50 of us divided into 7 teams. They had 90 minutes and managed around 60 tasks. We had two "game leaders" who were busy the whole time. The best part was getting access to all the photos and videos, which we made a "best of" compilation of and showed at the next department meeting! So much laughter!

2 months ago