Scavenger hunt: The Kid’s Challenge


Price per event with the specified number of Teams – for as many people as you want!

Let the kids embark on a super fun and easily achievable scavenger hunt designed specifically for children who have just learned to read. In our app, grapevineQUEST, kids receive 50 missions to solve by submitting a picture or a video. The missions are concise and easy to understand, fostering imagination, creativity, and collaboration! The game leader approves or disapproves of the missions on a straightforward organizer site. The app keeps track of time and points!

Introducing grapevineQUEST scavenger hunt for the youngest adventurers. Tailored for children who have recently learned to read, around 8-10 years old. The missions are succinct and easy to comprehend – but packed with fun!

The game unfolds within our grapevineQUEST app – making it an interactive adventure using kids’ favorite gadget – their mobile phones! In the app, children receive 50 photo and video missions. They are challenged to depict the mission on camera, searching for items starting with a specific letter, objects of a certain color, or tasks requiring teamwork, such as capturing “two noses” or “15 toes.” There are also simple tasks for children to perform and capture, like “Two people doing somersaults” or “The team singing a song about an animal.” Approved missions earn 1, 3, or 5 points.

This is an incredibly entertaining game! Participants must collaborate within their teams, think on their feet, and act quickly. Collaboration might pose a challenge for the children, so it’s a good idea to establish a turn-taking system with the mobile phone. An ideal team size for children in this age group is 3-5.

The Kid’s Challenge comprises 50 missions. The objective isn’t for teams to complete them all but to select the missions they want to tackle. Time is limited. For The Kid’s Challenge, we recommend a playtime of 40 minutes; it can be challenging for children to maintain focus for longer – depending on their age and group size. It’s more enjoyable to have a slightly shorter duration, ensuring they stay engaged throughout and finish on a high note! You can adjust the playtime according to your preferences, ranging from 30-90 minutes.

The Kid’s Challenge can be conducted practically anywhere, at home or away, ideally in a space allowing for both indoor and outdoor activities.

There are no right or wrong answers – the game leader decides and is encouraged to reward the truly amusing and unique solutions! The game leader is the ultimate judge – guaranteed to have a blast!

The only additional props that might be useful are some (drawing) paper and pens.

After the game concludes, if desired, each team’s photos and videos can be exported. It can be enjoyable, for instance, to create a slideshow for everyone to watch together!

  • WHAT? 50 simple and concise missions.
  • FOR WHOM? Children who have just learned to read, approximately 8-10 years old.
  • WHERE? Anywhere! Preferably both indoors and a bit outdoors.
  • HOW? With the app on one phone per team, and possibly some drawing paper and pens.
  • TIME? Recommended playtime of 40 minutes (can be varied between 30-90 minutes).

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