Scavenger hunt: The Summer Challenge


Price per event with the specified number of Teams – for as many people as you want!

A summer-themed and super fun photo and video scavenger hunt in an app! 100 summery tasks that requires creativity, teamwork and thinking outside the box. Anywhere, anytime and for everyone!

A summer-themed and super fun photo and video scavenger hunt in! Participants compete in teams to complete as many as possible of the 100 exciting photo and video tasks. The challenges are entertaining and sometimes a bit quirky! The game requires almost no preparation at all. During the game, the leader is the ultimate judge who approves or comments on the submitted tasks. The team with the most points when the time runs out wins!

This game is perfect for everyone! It’s a super fun, creative, and slightly quirky scavenger hunt that encourages thinking outside the box. Suitable for all ages – kids who can read, teenagers, adults, or everyone together! The Summer Challenge is wonderfully summery and ideal for all kind of summer celebrations. It’s perfect for team building but also just for having lots of fun! This game brings all generations together, making it a hit for family gatherings.

The game is played in our app, grapevineQUEST. Participants will receive 100 varied photo and video tasks. They must depict what is described in the task with a photo or video. Some tasks are concrete, such as “Seven types of flowers” or “Something blue,” while others are abstract, such as “Something really great about summer” or “Something refreshing.” Tasks can also take the form of riddles, and many require the team to do something or solve something together, such as “One team member gives a believable explanation of why a bikini is called a bikini” “The whole team sings a summer hit” “One team member wears at least five pairs of sunglasses,” or “A human pyramid made of all team members.” Some tasks are simple, others considerably trickier, and approved tasks earn 10, 30, or 50 points.

This game is a blast! Participants must cooperate in their team and use a lot of ingenuity and creativity – it’s about thinking both quickly and strategically! The Summer Challenge features 100 varied, summery tasks. The goal is not for teams to complete all tasks but to be strategic, choosing the tasks they can complete the easiest and fastest relative to the points they earn. The time is limited. We recommend a game duration of at least 60 minutes – enough to enjoy lots of fun! As the game leader, you can set a different time limit based on your circumstances and the participants’ ages. For younger children, the game can be shortened so they can maintain focus throughout. The time can vary between 30 and 90 minutes.

It’s all about teamwork. Teams prioritize tasks together, think creatively, and come up with solutions. Many tasks require the whole team or different combinations of team members. A good team size is 4-8 people.

The Summer Challenge is best played outdoors, such as in a garden. Some tasks become easier or harder to solve depending on the environment – but nothing is impossible! If a task initially seems difficult, it’s all about tapping into creativity and thinking outside the box. There are no right or wrong answers, the game leader decides and is encouraged to reward particularly fun and unique solutions! The game leader is the sole judge—and is guaranteed to have fun!

All you need is a phone with the app for each team!

After the game, you can also, if you want, export each team’s photos and videos. It can be fun to create a slideshow for everyone to watch together!

  • WHAT? 100 summer-themed tasks
  • FOR WHOM? Kids who can read, teenagers, adults – or everyone together! Fun for all ages.
  • WHERE? Mostly outdoors, preferably in the garden.
  • HOW? Simply download the app on one phone per team, bring your enthusiasm, and you’re ready to go! No additional equipment needed!
  • TIME? Recommended game duration is 60 minutes (can vary between 30-90 minutes).

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