Ultimate Christmas Scavenger Hunt Guide: Tips, Tricks, and Printables for Holiday Fun!

Organizing a Christmas scavenger hunt but not sure where to begin? This article lays out a simple roadmap to craft your holiday quest, complete with unique themes, engaging riddles, and printable clues. Follow these straightforward steps to delight participants and keep the holiday spirit soaring! Key Takeaways Creating a Magical Christmas Scavenger Hunt Begin your […]

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Explore and Capture: Top Picture Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Unforgettable Fun

Confused about shaping your picture scavenger hunt? This article simplifies the process, explaining how to set up compelling themes, find ideal locations, and design engaging photo challenges. With our guide, you’ll be equipped to craft an adventure that is easy to organize and sure to entertain. Key Takeaways Crafting Your Picture Scavenger Hunt Adventure Imagine […]

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Capture the Fun: 25 Creative Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas for All Ages

Ready to create a photo scavenger hunt but not sure where to start? This guide provides 25 creative and adaptable photo scavenger hunt ideas that cater to children and adults alike. We cut through the guesswork, offering concrete tips on how to develop your adventure, from selecting themes to navigating challenges. Prepare to capture candid […]

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grapevineQUEST Scavenger hunt – How it works

To arrange a super fun app scavenger hunt couldn’t be easier: 1. Make you choice of a ready made scavenger hunt 2. Delivery 3. Set it up 4. Prepare 5. Play! 6. Declare a winner 7. Enjoy all the fun – again! If you want, you can download all team’s photos and videos and, for […]

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Top 10 Engaging Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for Adults – Ideas and Tips

Seeking a refreshing twist on your next outdoor scavenger hunt for adults? This guide deconstructs the secrets to a spellbinding adult adventure—with actionable ideas on themes, clues, and challenges that resonate with grown-ups. Step into a realm of creativity and practicality as we unfold the blueprint for an engaging outdoor escapade designed with adults in […]

Scavenger Hunt with 100 missions – on your mobile!

A scavenger hunt is an activity that is as fun as it is easy! A scavenger hunt is suitable for a variety of contexts and participants of all ages! A scavenger hunt typically consists of various missions that teams need to solve, earning different points based on difficulty level. It can range from a few […]

Download the GrapevineQUEST app

To run a grapevine quest scavanger hunt you need the grapevineQUEST app. The app is free to download and is available for android and iOS.

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Ready made scavenger hunts in 7 different languages

In order to run a grapevine quest scavanger hunt with the grapevineQUEST app you need to fill the app with content. This is done by the organizer of the event, by purchasing a themed ready made scavanger hunt of his or her choice.