scavanger hunt adults

grapevineQUEST Scavenger hunt – How it works

To arrange a super fun app scavenger hunt couldn’t be easier: 1. Make you choice of a ready made scavenger hunt 2. Delivery 3. Set it up 4. Prepare 5. Play! 6. Declare a winner 7. Enjoy all the fun – again! If you want, you can download all team’s photos and videos and, for […]

scavanger hunt adults

Top 10 Engaging Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for Adults – Ideas and Tips

Seeking a refreshing twist on your next outdoor scavenger hunt for adults? This guide deconstructs the secrets to a spellbinding adult adventure—with actionable ideas on themes, clues, and challenges that resonate with grown-ups. Step into a realm of creativity and practicality as we unfold the blueprint for an engaging outdoor escapade designed with adults in […]

Scavenger Hunt with 100 missions – on your mobile!

A scavenger hunt is an activity that is as fun as it is easy! A scavenger hunt is suitable for a variety of contexts and participants of all ages! A scavenger hunt typically consists of various missions that teams need to solve, earning different points based on difficulty level. It can range from a few […]

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Ready made scavenger hunts in 7 different languages

In order to run a grapevine quest scavanger hunt with the grapevineQUEST app you need to fill the app with content. This is done by the organizer of the event, by purchasing a themed ready made scavanger hunt of his or her choice.